K-4670A   NYC Empire State Express 4-PAC (15") New York Central
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K-4670A K-4670A K-4670A K-4670A

To celebrate our silver anniversary with style, K-LINE® is producing the Empire State Express, a premier NYC lightweight steel passenger train, in Extruded Aluminum O Scale cars. The finished fluted aluminum metal sides perfectly reproduce the look of the silvery steel cars of the Empire State. K-LINE®'s sleek, aluminum, scale passenger cars capture the spirit of our 25th Silver Anniversary.

The Empire State Express was part of the New York Central's 'Great Steel Fleet,' the name given to the railroad’s group of all-steel modernized cars. The inaugural run of the Empire State passenger train took place on Dec. 7, 1941, the same day Pearl Harbor was attacked. Despite this unlucky beginning, the Empire State became known for its luxurious accommodations and service. The train’s cars were dubbed 'dreamliners,' a play on streamliners, to emphasize the upscale mode of travel. All the cars of the Empire State were named for NY State Governors, with the exception of six coaches built with numbers only on their lower boards. The steel cars of the Empire State remained in service until the end of the NYC railroad in the late 1960s.

We reproduced the extruded aluminum metal body passenger cars of the streamliner era with accurate proportions in unprecedented prototypical detail. These O Scale Cars are produced in perfect 1:48 Scale of the authentic 85 foot lightweight steel passengers cars.

In order to satisfy the O Scale and the O Gauge operator, K-LINE® is doing the unheard of, producing these metal cars two ways, in FULL O Scale (85 foot cars reproduced in 21 inches) and in shortened O Scale (15 inches). While the Scale 21 inch long cars require a 54 inch diameter curve, the 15 inch passenger cars are created specifically with the smaller layout operator in mind. These cars are made three inches shorter in order to smoothly negotiate 31 inch diameter curves. These 15 inch cars have the same high level of detail and all aluminum bodies.

Catalog: 1999 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Passenger Car Features
  •   15 inches long
  •   O Scale (1:48)
  •   Extruded Aluminum Car Body with Smooth Sides
  •   Overhead StreamLighting® Illumination
  •   Fully Furnished Interiors
  •   Opening Doors
  •   Metal Handrails
  •   Metal Grab Rails
  •   Die Cast 4-Wheel Trucks
  •   Separate Metal Truck Springs
  •   Operating Metal Couplers
  •   Metal Chassis with Details
  •   Factory Installed Diaphragms
  •   Prototypical Reproduction
  •   31 inch Diameter Curve Required

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On April 18, 2011 03:28 PM, Anonymus wrote:

K4670-12564 “Thomas E. Dewey” coach car, road number 2564.
K4670-15021 “Alonzo B. Cornell” Railway Post Office car, road number 5021
K4670-10054 “Theodore Roosevelt” observation car
K4670-10688 “John Jay” diner car, road number 688