K2625-01   Circus Transport Railroad Hand Car & Trailer Circus
    $54.95 ea.    

The handcar is an important piece of railroading history. It was vital to the maintenance of way crews to move repair people up and down the tracks. However, the O Gauge Circus Transport Hand Car & Trailer is just plain fun! The arms of the Circus Clowns pivot up and down with the lever as the handcar speeds around the track. The lead unit has a truck-mounted motor to power the handcar and trailer around its own piece of track or in conjuction with other O or O-27 Gauge Trains.

Catalog: 1999 2nd Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Hand Car Features
  •   O Gauge
  •   AC Powered
  •   Compatible with O and O-27 Gauge
  •   Detailed Figures
  •   Wood Plank Detailing
  •   Trailer Connecting Bar
  •   Tool Box Details
  •   Two Roller Pickups

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