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K-6427 Special Addition “It’s a Girl” Boxcar $20.95
K-6428 Special Addition “It’s a Boy" Boxcar $20.95
K614-1092A Baltimore and Ohio Classic 6-PAC $149.95
K621-2171A Western Pacific Classic 6-PAC $169.95
K622-2111A Union Pacific Classic 6-PAC $149.95
K641-1752A Classic Boxcar 4-PAC $99.95
K642-5206 Heinz Prepared Mustard Classic Reefer $29.95
K645-1051A Santa Fe Classic Map Reefer 4-PAC $99.95
K651-1051A Western Railroads Classic 4-PAC $99.95
K651-2011A Eastern Railroads Classic 4-PAC $99.95
K661-1891 PRR Classic Flat Car w/2 cannons $32.95