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K612-1052 Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K612-1731 Katy Bay Window Caboose $59.95
K612-2011 Southern Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K612-2034 Southern Pacific Police Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K613-1391 Rock Island Extended Vision Caboose $59.95
K613-1651 Lehigh Valley Extended Vision Caboose $59.95
K613-2071 Cotton Belt Extended Vision Caboose $59.95
K613-7471 13 Colonies Extended Vision Caboose $64.95
K615-1897 PRR N5C Caboose w/phone & antenna $59.95
K623-1096 B&O Scale Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-1097 B&O Scale Die Cast Hopper (#532001) $49.95
K623-1335 Burlington Route Scale Die Cast Hopper (#170293) $49.95
K623-1894A PRR Scale Die Cast Hopper 3-Pac $119.95
K623-7428 South Carolina Quarter Die Cast Hopper Bank $49.95
K623-8016 Bethlehem Steel Scale Die Cast Hopper (#10000) $49.95
K632-7429 New Hampshire Quarter Tank Bank $32.95
K6332-8011 BASF Wyandotte Caustic Soda Tank Car $52.95
K6333-2111 Union Pacific Research Project Tank Car $54.95
K6333-8012 Cargill Tank Car $54.95
K6334-0001 Aluminum Tank Car $54.95
K6334-0002 Black Tank Car $54.95
K6334-2031 Southern Pacific Petroleum Tank Car $54.95
K6341-1891 PRR General Purpose Tank Car $49.95
K6341-1892 PRR General Purpose Tank Car $49.95
K6341-8011 Hooker General Tank Car $49.95
K6341-8012 Dupont Tank Car $49.95
K6341-8013A Tank Train Tank Car 2-PAC $89.95
K635-8011 Kanotex 2-Dome Tank Car #8138 $34.95
K636-8012 Ambrose Wine 3-Dome Tank Car #6303 $34.95
K652-1211 Canadian Pacific Scale Die Cast Gondola w/high sides $44.95
K652-1311 C&NW Scale Die Cast Gondola w/bulkheads (#134011) $44.95
K652-1331 Burlington Route Scale Die Cast Gondola w/covers (#197190) $44.95
K652-7430 Virginia Quarter Die Cast Gondola Bank $49.95
K652-8012 Bethlehem Steel Scale Die Cast Gondola w/coils $44.95
K663-1891A PRR Scale Skeleton Log Car w/Extender Stakes 4-PAC $99.95
K671-3741A LIRR Ore Car 2-Pac $59.95
K676-1431A CSX Coil Car 2-PAC $69.95
K676-1611 IC Coil Car (#97298) $35.95
K676-1612 IC Coil Car (#97299) $35.95
K676-1931 Reading Coil Car $35.95
K676-1932 Reading Coil Car $35.95
K676-2111A UP Coil Car 3-PAC $105.95
K691-1392 Rock Island Flat Car w/ 2 '48 Ford Pick-ups $44.95
K691-6001 Ford Flat Car w/2 '66 T-Birds $35.95
K692-1391 Rock Island Die Cast Depressed Center Flat Car w/cable reel $64.95
K692-2151 Western Maryland Scale Die Cast Depressed Center Flat Car w/boat propellor $64.95
K693-1311 C&NW Scale Die Cast Flat Car w/"I" Beams $69.95
K694-1891 PRR Evans Auto Loader w/3 ea '55 T-Birds & '57 Bel Airs $64.95
K694-2111 Union Pacific Scale Evans Auto Loader w/2 ea '48 Ford PU '53 Ford PU, '60 VW K-Ghia $64.95
K751-1051 ATSF Scale Die Cast Boxcar $44.95
K751-8012 Railbox Scale Die Cast Boxcar (#15037) $49.95
K752-1391 Rock Island Scale Die Cast Wood-Sided Reefer (#65402) $44.95
K761-1372 Milwaukee Road Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K761-1731 Katy Boxcar $39.95
K761-2011 Southern Express Mail Reefer $39.95
K761-2033 Southern Pacific Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K762-1372 Milwaukee Road Wood-Sided Reefer $39.95
K762-7489 B&O Historical Art Wood-sided Reefer $44.95
K762-7490 Chessie Historical Art Wood-sided Reefer $44.95
K762-8012 War Bonds Wood-Sided Reefer $44.95
K763-5301 Circus Double Deck Stock Car (#5657) $44.95
K765-1711 Missouri Pacific "Herbie" Boxcar $44.95
K765-2011 Southern Boxcar (#28316) $44.95
K765-2051 Frisco "Herbie" Boxcar $39.95
K765-7431 New York Quarter Boxcar Bank $44.95
K766-1051A Santa Fe Map Reefer 4-PAC $149.95