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K621-5603 Anheuser-Busch Pride and Quality Hopper $34.95
K641-1592A O Gauge Car 4-PAC $119.95
K641-2113 UP Express Service Boxcar $29.95
K641-5602 Budweiser Christmas 2001 Boxcar $34.95
K641-7406 K-LINE 2001 Christmas Boxcar $29.95
K641-8013 Eastern Railroads Boxcar $29.95
K641-8014 Domino Sugar Boxcar $29.95
K642-5207 Heinz Pickles Wood-Sided Reefer $25.95
K661-1091 B&O CLASSIC Flat Car w/cannons (#30830) $35.95
K661-1511 Erie Classic Flat Car w/2 dc 67 VW Beetles $35.95
K661-1551 FEC Classic Flat Car w/vats $32.95
K661-1591 Great Northern CLASSIC Flat Car w/2 2000 T-Birds $35.95
K661-1871 Penn Central CLASSIC Flat Car w/2 '64 Shelby Cobras $32.95
K661-2112 UP Classic Flat Car w/2 dc48 Ford F-1 Pickups $32.95
K661-6001 Ford Classic Flat Car w/coils $32.95
K661-8011 WARR CLASSIC Flat Car w/cannons (#30830) $32.95
K661-8012 US Army Flat Car w/helicopter $32.95
K661-8013 EMS Flat Car w/helicopter $32.95
K675-5202 Heinz Classic Vat Car $29.95