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K-25191 Jersey Central F-3 AA Diesels $479.95
K-25501 Northern Pacific F-7 AA Diesels $479.95
K-25701 NYC F-3 AA Diesels $479.95
K-28801 PRR E-8 AA Diesels $579.95
K-28881 SP E-9 AA Diesels $579.95
K-29301 Santa Fe PA-1 AA Diesels $479.95
K2412-9992 CSX F40PH Diesel Engine $379.95
K2416-4545 Circus Transport RS-3 Diesel Engine $379.95
K2420-4614 C&NW GP38-2 Diesel Engine $379.95
K2442-0104 Metra F40PH Diesel $379.95
K2454-2001 Norfolk Southern GP38-2 Diesel Engine $379.95
K2480-8445 PRR RS-3 Diesel Engine $379.95
K2481-0445 Reading RS-3 Diesel Engine $379.95
K2539-0624 LIRR F-Unit Diesel Engine $309.95