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K612-1831 Norfolk Southern Bay Window Caboose $59.95
K613-2031 SP Extended Vision Caboose $59.95
K613-8013 Westinghouse Extended Vision Caboose $59.95
K615-1898 PRR N5C Caboose $59.95
K616-2111 UP Wood-Sided Caboose $59.95
K616-2171 WP Wood-Sided Caboose $59.95
K617-1051 Santa Fe OC Cupola Caboose $59.95
K617-1471 Lackawanna Off-Center Caboose $59.95
K618-1311 C&NW Modern Caboose $59.95
K618-1591 GN Modern Caboose $59.95
K618-1611 Illinois Central Modern Caboose $59.95
K618-2111 UP Modern Caboose $59.95
K623-1391A Rock Island Scale 5-PAC $209.95
K623-1611 Illinois Central Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-1671 L&N Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-1936A Reading 5-PAC $209.95
K623-2115 UP Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-2116 UP Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-7432 North Carolina Quarter Die Cast Hopper Bank $49.95
K623-8017 US Steel Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-8018 Peabody Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-8019 Peabody Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K6242-1171 BNSF 2-Bay Modern Hopper $47.95
K6242-1251A C&O 2-Bay Modern Hopper 2-PAC $89.95
K6243-1051 Santa Fe 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6243-1751 NYC 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6243-1891 PRR 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6243-2111 UP 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6244-1491 Rio Grande 4-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6244-8011 ACF Demonstrator 4-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6244-8012 Alcoa 4-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K632-1231 CNJ Tank Car $34.95
K632-7433 Rhode Island Quarter Tank Bank $34.95
K632-8018A Oil Company Tank Car 4-PAC $139.95
K632-8021 Baby Ruth Tank Car w/Die Cast Chassis $34.95
K632-8022 Union Starch Tank Car w/Die Cast Chassis $34.95
K6331-8013 Domino Sugar Sulphur Tank Car $52.95
K6332-8014 Englehard Caustic Soda Tank Car $54.95
K6333-8015 ADM General Purpose Tank Car $54.95
K6334-8016 Recycling Services Vinyl Chloride Tank Car $54.95
K6341-1051A Santa Fe Tank Car 4-PAC $199.95
K6341-5601 Budweiser Tank Car $54.95
K6341-8015 Sunoco Tank Car $49.95
K635-8012 Cook Paint & Varnish Tank Car $34.95
K636-2171A WP Scale 5-PAC $209.95
K636-8014 Northern California Wineries 3-Dome Tank Car $34.95
K652-1491 Rio Grande Die Cast Gondola $49.95
K652-7435 Kentucky Quarter Die Cast Gondola Bank $49.95
K663-8018 Skeleton Log Car w/stakes $32.95
K663-8019 Skeleton Log Car w/stakes $32.95
K663-8020 Skeleton Log Car w/stakes $32.95
K671-1211 CP Ore Car w/load $29.95
K671-1591 Great Northern Ore Car w/load $29.95
K676-1752A NYC Coil Car 2-PAC $89.95
K676-3281 Chicago South Shore Coil Car $44.95
K691-1511 Erie Scale Flat Car w/Linde Liquified Gas Tank $44.95
K691-1811 N&W Flat Car w/Track $44.95
K691-2032 Southern Pacific Flat Car w/3 Mercedes Benz M-Class $39.95
K691-5307 Circus Transport Railroad Flat Car w/trailer $44.95
K691-8013 National Car Co. Flat Car w/Borden Milk Containers $44.95
K692-1411 Conrail Dep Ctr Flat Car w/transformer $69.95
K692-1531 Erie Lackawanna Scal Dep Ctr Flat Car w/transformer $69.95
K693-1051 ATSF Scale Flat Car w/Lumber Load $69.95
K693-1431 CSX MOW Die Cast Flat Car $69.95
K693-1931 Reading Scale Flat Car w/Bethlehem Pipe $69.95
K693-5301 Circus Transport Die Cast Flat Car w/Crates $69.95
K694-1751 NYC Auto Loader $64.95
K751-1831 Norfolk Southern Die Cast Boxcar $49.95
K761-1232 CNJ Boxcar $44.95
K761-1852 NP Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K761-2051 Frisco Norge Refrigerator Boxcar $44.95
K761-2114 UP Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K761-8013 Airco Scale Boxcar w/interior tank $49.95
K761-8014 Lind Scale Boxcar w/interior tank $49.95
K762-8013 Land O Lakes Wood-Sided Reefer $44.95
K762-8014 White Rock Water Wood-Sided Reefer $44.95
K762-8015 Kraft Cheese Wood-Sided Reefer $44.95
K762-8017 Canada Dry Wood-Sided Reefer $44.95
K763-5302 Circus Transport Double Deck Stock Car $44.95
K765-7434 Vermont Quarter Boxcar Bank $44.95