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K622-1651 Lehigh Valley Hopper $35.95
K622-4461A Virginian Ribbed Hopper 6-PAC $99.95
K641-1732 KATY Boxcar $35.95
K641-1792 New Haven Boxcar $29.95
K641-2175 Western Pacific Boxcar $35.95
K641-5603 Anheuser-Busch 150th Anniv 2002 Holiday Reefer $34.95
K641-7411 K-LINE Christmas Boxcar $29.95
K642-2112A Union Pacific Wood Sided Reefer 6-PAC $109.95
K642-2113A Union Pacific Wood Sided Reefer 6-PAC $109.95
K661-1051 Santa Fe Flat Car w/’58 Buick and ‘55 Cadillac $35.95
K661-1552 FEC Classic Flat Car w/White Whale Vats $32.95
K661-1752 NYC Flat Car w/cannons $35.95