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K-013501 Lighted Lighthouse $39.95
K-407201 Coke Service Station w/ dc car, figures, access $19.95
K-410008 Coke Supermarket w/ dc truck, figures $19.95
K-42312 O Scale Army Soldiers (25) $1.00
K-42405 Operating Colonial House on Base $69.95
K-42406 Conrail Railroad Paint Shop w/Scale Boxcar $79.95
K-42429 Black Cauldron Inn $69.95
K-42431 Madam Ashbury's House of Wax $69.95
K-43001 Evergreen Drug Store Building Façade $29.95
K-43002 Victorian House Building Façade $29.95
K-43003 Heritage Furniture Store Building Façade $29.95
K-43004 Pierce House $29.95
K-43005 Cape Cottage $24.95
K-43009 Ship to Shore Shoe Store / Engraver $39.95
K-43010 Arline's Pie Shop $39.95
K-43011 White Lion Pub $39.95
K-43012 Doctor/ Dentist / Apothecary $39.95
K-43018 Locksmith / Porcelain Palace $39.95
K-43019 Lighted Foot Bridge $19.95
K-43020 Colonial House $29.95
K-59002 Coke Road & Rail Pack #1 w/ frt platform, dc trk, boxcar $29.95
K-59003 Coke Road & Rail Pack #2 w/ diner, dc trk, tank car $29.95
K-59004 Coke Road & Rail Pack #3 w/ RR Station bus, boxcar $29.95
K3270-1000T Hudson Scale Front Trucks $19.95
K652-03-01 Scale Gondola Scrap Load $4.95
K652-03-02 Scale Gondola Covers (3) $4.95
K652-03-03 Scale Gondola Bulkheads (2) $5.95
K652-03-04 Scale Gondola High Sides (set) $5.95