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K-775201 APL Thrall DTTX w/2 containers $64.95
K-776101 SF Gunderson DTTX w/ General Aviation Parts $64.95
K-776502 SP Gunderson DTTX w/trailer $64.95
K-776901 Southwind Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $64.95
K-7770 Maersk Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $64.95
K-7810025 SP ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810026 CSX ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810028 Sealand ISO Tank $15.95
K-813802TT Penzoil Tractor Trailer $21.95
K-813803TT US Postal Service Tractor Trailer $21.95
K-8138TT Federal Express Tractor Trailer $21.95
K771-1051 SF Front Runner w/SF Trailer (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K771-2111 UP Front Runner w/2 UP ISO Tanks (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K771-2191 TTX Front Runner w/K-LINE Cont (4 Road Numbers) $49.95