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K-92001 Pennsylvania G Scale Speeder $49.95
K-92002 Southern Pacific G Scale Speeder $49.95
K-92009 Long Island G Scale Speeder $49.95
K2627-01 Jolly Holly Trolley $59.95
K2628-01 PRR Speeder $49.95
K2628-04 C&O Speeder $49.95
K2628-05 Santa Claus Speeder $49.95
K2628-13 Alaska Speeder $49.95
K2628-14 Long Island Speeder $49.95
K2628-15A Ford Speeder w/2 Trailers $64.95
K2628-17A FDNY Speeder w/2 trailers $64.95
K2629-02 Union Pacific Motorized Van $49.95
K2629-03 NASA Motorized Van $49.95