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K621-1371A Milw Rd Hopper & Caboose 4-PAC $69.95
K621-2112A UP Hopper & Caboose 4-PAC $69.95
K622-1251A C&O Ribbed Hopper 6-PAC $99.95
K622-1892A PRR Ribbed Hopper & Caboose 4-PAC $69.95
K622-8012A Peabody Ribbed Hopper & Cabbose 4-PAC $69.95
K631-8013 General Electric Tank Car $19.95
K640-8011 Hershey Foods Reefer $19.95
K641-1551A Florida East Coast Boxcar 2-PAC $59.95
K641-5109S Coca-Cola Musical Holiday Boxcar on Display Base $44.95
K641-5114 Coke 2003 Holiday Boxcar $34.95
K641-7409S K-LINE Musical Holiday Boxcar w/base $44.95
K641-7412 K-LINE 2003 Christmas Boxcar w/lights $34.95
K644-6001 Ford Double Door Boxcar $29.95
K645-1055A SF Map Reefer 4-PAC #2 $99.95
K661-5104 Coca-Cola Flat Car w/2 1930s Trucks $39.95
K661-5108 Coca-Cola Flat Car w/2 1930s Cars $39.95
K661-5202 9 Lives Flat car w/ends and Vats $29.95
K662-6201 NYPD Flat Car w/Die Cast Helicopter $39.95
K662-8012 US Army Flat Car w/missile $34.95
K675-5301 Circus Transport House of Reptiles Car $29.95
K675-8012A Presidential Vat Car 2-PAC $59.95