K3799-0903W   Virginian Allegheny & Tender w/Whistle  
    $399.95 ea.    

K-LINE continues the Titan Series with these die cast Allegheny steamers. This series of engines features Korean built locos with loads of details that have been proportionally scaled down to run on O-31 curves. These are large engines designed for the railroader with a traditional-sized layout. This Allegheny is available in the Virginian roadname in a conventional version with whistle and bell.

In the early 1940s, the Chesapeake & Ohio needed new power on its Allegheny Division to move coal trains over the 2,072 foot summit of an Allegheny mountain. Lima Locomotive Works designed a six-coupled, single-expansion articulated with 67' diameter drivers for speed, a 9' x 15' firebox with a very large boiler for steaming and 778,000 pounds of locomotive weight. The Virginian was the only other railroad to have bought the 2-6-6-6. It took delivery of eight of them in 1945 and used them for hauling coal trains well into the 1950s. On the Virginian these Lima built copies of the C&O 'Allegheny' were called 'Blue Ridge' type locomotives.

Catalog: 2003 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

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