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K-94238 1969 Firebird Trans Am $5.95
K-94239 1979 Firebird Trans Am $5.95
K-94240 1999 Firebird Trans Am $5.95
K-94423 VW Microbus with Caravan $11.95
K-94424 1958 Porsche 356B Coupe with Caravan $11.95
K-94425 MGB Convertible with Caravan $11.95
K-94426 MGB Soft Top with Caravan $11.95
K-94427 VW Beetle Cabriolet with Caravan $11.95
K-94428 VW Beetle Soft Top with Caravan $11.95
K-94429 MB 190SL Cabrio with Caravan $11.95
K-94444 School Bus $10.95
K-94460 VW Lift Trailer $5.95
K-94555 US Mail Tow Truck $10.95
K-94556 US Mail Pick-Up $10.95
K-94568 FDNY Scuba Support Unit Train Accessory $16.95
K-94801 NYPD 1:24 Police Cruiser $14.95
K-94901 American Heroes FDNY 4-PAC $22.95
K-94902 American Heroes NYPD 4-PAC $22.95
K871-009 COCA-COLA® Beverage Truck (yellow) $29.95
K871-010 COCA-COLA® Beverage Truck $29.95
K871-011 COCA-COLA® Beverage Truck $29.95
K872-006 COKE Train Acc: Beverage Truck (red w/logo) $29.95
K872-036 FDNY Mobile Emergency Room Train Accessory $14.95