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K621-5102A COKE Holiday Freight Car 4-Pac #1 $69.95
K621-8015A AEC Hopper with Pulsing Lights 4-PAC $119.95
K640-1411 Conrail Boxcar $19.95
K640-1731 KATY Boxcar $19.95
K640-3251 C&EI Boxcar $19.95
K640-4161 Rutland Boxcar $19.95
K641-5113 COKE "It's the Real Thing" Musical Boxcar $44.95
K641-7415 Snowman Musical Boxcar $44.95
K641-8017 Operation Iraqi Freedom US Marines Boxcar w/ 2 Crates $29.95
K641-8018 Operation Iraqi Freedom US Army Boxcar w/ 2 Machine Guns and Sounds $39.95
K642-5208 Heinz Pickles Wood-Sided Reefer (#363) $32.95
K642-5209 Heinz Pickles Wood-Sided Reefer (#374) $32.95
K651-8011A Operation Iraqi Freedom US Central Command Humanitarian Gondola & Crane 2-PAC $59.95
K661-2114 UP Flat Car (#904503) w/Scout 4 Fighter Plane $35.95
K661-6101 FDNY Flat Car w/2 Pedal Cars $39.95
K661-6102 FDNY Compact Support Flat with searchlight $39.95
K661-6201 NYPD Flat Car w/2 Pedal Cars $39.95
K661-8017 US Navy Flat Car (#5413) w/Scout 4 Fighter Plane $35.95
K661-8018 Operation Iraqi Freedom US Army Reserve Security Rail Car w/ 2 Machine Guns $29.95
K662-5302 Circus Transport RR Flatcar w/ cannon $34.95
K662-8020 Operation Iraqi Freedom US Army Cannon Mounted on Flat Car $34.95
K662-8021 Operation Iraqi Freedom US Air Force Flat Car w/ Missile $34.95
K675-5101 Coke Wood-Sided Train Car $34.95
K675-5102 COKE Wood-Sided Train Car $34.95
K675-5103 COKE Wood-sided Train Car w/Festoon $34.95
K675-5203 Heinz Pickles Vat Car (#56) $32.95
K675-5204 Heinz Pickles Vat Car # 66 $32.95
K675-5205 Heinz Vinegar Vat Car (#50) $32.95