K671-8013   New York City Transit Ore Car  
MSRP:  $29.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $26.96

Ore cars are ideal to run in strings and for that reason we offer 4 different road numbers. These work horses of the rails are designed to haul small quantities of dense material, like iron or copper ore or ballast. Ore cars are also converted for use in maintenance of way operations and carry ballast for the roadbed. Order 4 at one time to ensure you receive 4 different numbers.

Catalog: 2004 1st and 2nd Editions
Release Date: Early 06
Product Availability: 2004 2nd Edition

Ore Car Features
  •   7 1/4 inches long
  •   O Gauge
  •   Die Cast Metal Trucks
  •   All Metal Operating Couplers

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