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K-5433A Hooker 4-PAC $69.95
K-5434A Union Pacific 4-PAC $69.95
K-6427S Special Addition girl, musical boxcar $39.95
K-6428S Special Addition boy, musical boxcar $39.95
K611-1751 New York Central Lighted Caboose $19.95
K611-2112 Union Pacific Lighted Caboose $19.95
K614-5102 COKE Bay Window Caboose $19.95
K614-8014A Timken 4-PAC $69.95
K619-1051 ATSF Caboose $19.95
K619-1751 NYC Caboose $19.95
K619-2111 UP Caboose $19.95
K621-1891 Pennsylvania Hopper $19.95
K621-2112 Union Pacific Hopper $19.95
K621-3721 Lehigh & NE Hopper $19.95
K621-8013 Genesee & Wyoming Hopper $19.95
K622-1232A CNJ Ribbed Hopper 6-PAC $119.95
K622-1451 Delaware & Hudson Ribbed Hopper $19.95
K622-1471 Lackawanna Ribbed Hopper $19.95
K622-1891 PRR Ribbed Hopper $19.95
K622-1931 Reading Ribbed Hopper $19.95
K622-3351A Clinchfield Ribbed Hopper 6-PAC $99.95
K631-1751 New York Central Tank Car $19.95
K631-1931 Reading Tank Car $19.95
K631-1932 Reading Tank Car $19.95
K631-2111 Union Pacific Tank Car $19.95
K637-1331 Burlington Route Tank Car $19.95
K637-1671 L&N Tank Car $19.95
K637-1751 New York Central Tank Car $19.95
K637-1931 Reading Tank Car $19.95
K637-2031 Southern Pacific Tank Car $19.95
K640-1060 Santa Fe Boxcar $19.95
K640-1071 Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar $19.95
K640-1492 Rio Grande Boxcar $19.95
K640-1493 Rio Grande Boxcar $19.95
K640-4091 Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Boxcar $19.95
K641-1093A 1950s Celebration Classic Boxcar 4-PAC #1 $119.95
K641-1094A 1950s Celebration Classic Boxcar 4-PAC #2 $119.95
K641-1412 Conrail O Boxcar (Train 19) $19.95
K641-1492A D&RGW Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K641-1493A D&RGW Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K641-1733 MKT Boxcar w/Herbie Art (Train 19) $19.95
K641-2114A UP Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K641-2115A UP Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K641-3251 C&EI "Buy More War Bonds" Boxcar (Train 19) $19.95
K641-4161 Rutland Boxcar $19.95
K641-6301 Looney Tunes Taz Boxcar $34.95
K641-6302S Happy Birthday Looney Tunes Musical Boxcar $34.95
K641-6303 Looney Tunes Fast Friendly Freight $34.95
K641-7410 Happy Birthday musical boxcar $39.95
K641-7414 K-LINE 2004 Christmas Boxcar w/lights $34.95
K641-8015 Happy Hanukkah Boxcar $29.95
K642-1471A Lackawanna Milk Car 4-PAC $69.95
K642-6401 Miller "Christmas Special" Holiday Reefer $34.95
K642-7901 Carvel Holiday Wood-Sided Reefer $34.95
K643-6301S Foghorn Leghorn Chicken Car w/sound $44.95
K644-1851 NP Classic Double Door Boxcar $19.95
K645-1911 REA Express Steel-Sided Reefer $29.95
K646-1051 ATSF Boxcar $19.95
K646-1251 C&O Boxcar $19.95
K646-1491 DRGW Boxcar $19.95
K646-1591 Great Northern Boxcar $19.95
K646-1731 MKT Boxcar $19.95
K646-1751 NYC Boxcar $19.95
K646-1791 NH Boxcar $19.95
K646-1931 Reading Boxcar $19.95
K646-4161 Rutland Boxcar $19.95
K653-1051 ATSF Gondola with Coal $19.95
K653-1751 NYC Gondola with Coal $19.95
K653-1891 PRR Gondola with Coal $19.95
K653-2011 Southern Gondola with Logs $19.95
K653-2171 WP Gondola with Logs $19.95
K661-1011 Alaska Flat Car w/98 Ford Pickup & figures $24.95
K661-1431 CSX Flat Car w/98 Ford Pickup & figures $24.95
K661-1491 Rio Grande Flatcar w/logs $19.95
K661-1751 New York Central Flat Car w/98 Ford PU w/figures $24.95
K661-1893 Pennsylvania Flat Car w/bulkheads & stakes $19.95
K661-1932 Reading Flat Car w/rails $19.95
K661-6401 Miller Flat Car w/2 trucks $44.95
K661-8021 US Army Flat Car w/2 Jeep Willys $34.95
K661-8022 US Army Flat Car w/2 Jeep Willys $34.95
K661-8025 Alien Transport Flat Car w/Aliens, Figures, Crate $35.95
K661-8026 Alien Holiday Flat Car $35.95
K681-6301A Looney Tunes Tweety Crane & Gondola $64.95
K682-1091 Baltimore & Ohio Work Caboose $19.95
K682-1751 NYC Boom Car $19.95
K682-2031 Southern Pacific Work Caboose $19.95