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K612-2114 Union Pacific Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K613-1232 CNJ Ext Vision Caboose $64.95
K613-2152 Western Maryland Ext Vision Caboose $64.95
K613-8015 PRSL Ext Vision Caboose $64.95
K615-1871 Penn Central N5C Caboose $64.95
K615-1903 PRR N5C Caboose $64.95
K616-1051 ATSF Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-1092A B&0 Scale Freight 6-PAC $314.95
K616-1131 Boston & Maine Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-1491 Rio Grande Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-1611 Illinois Central Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-1751 NYC Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-1893 PRR Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-1893A Pennsylvania Freight 5-PAC $249.95
K616-2031 SP Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-3181 Boston & Albany Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-6301 Porky Pig Wood-Sided Scale Caboose w/sound $69.95
K616-6301S Porky Pig Wood-Sided Scale Caboose w/sound $79.95
K616-6501 Nestle Wood-sided Caboose $69.95
K617-1053 Santa Fe OC Cupola Caboose $64.95
K617-1055 SF Black Bonnet Caboose $64.95
K617-1371 Milwaukee Road Smoking Off-Center Caboose $64.95
K617-3351 Clinchfield Caboose $64.95
K623-1472 D&LW 4 Bay Die Cast Hoppers $49.95
K623-2118A UP, smooth 4-PAC $199.95
K623-7449 Iowa State Quarter Die Cast Hopper Bank $49.95
K623-7454 Kansas State Quarter Die Cast Hopper Bank $49.95
K623-8026 Hooker Scale Die Cast 4-Bay Hopper, smooth (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K623-8027 Electro-Motive Die Cast 4-Bay Hopper $49.95
K623-8028 Fairbanks Morse Die Cast 4-Bay Hopper $49.95
K6242-1051 SF 2-Bay Modern Hopper (4 Roadnumbers) $47.95
K6242-1531 Erie-Lackawanna 2-Bay Hopper, 4 diff #'s $49.95
K6242-5101 COKE Aluminum 2- Bay Hopper $54.95
K6242-6001 Ford 2-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6243-1091 B&O Chessie 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6243-1591 Great Northern 3-Bay Hopper, 4 diff #'s $54.95
K6243-1711 Missouri Pacific Modern 3-Bay Hopper $54.95
K6243-8011 Cargill 3-Bay Modern Hopper, 4 diff #'s $54.95
K6244-1051A Santa Fe 4-Bay Modern Hopper 3-PAC $164.95
K6244-1051B Santa Fe 4-Bay Modern Hopper 2-PAC $109.95
K6244-8015 Hercules 4-Bay Hopper, 4 diff #'s $54.95
K6244-8016 Shell Plastics 4-Bay Hopper, 4 diff #'s $54.95
K6251-1752 NYC Scale Die Cast 2-Bay Hopper, smooth (4 New Road Numbers) $49.95
K6251-1753 NYC 2 Bay Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K6253-1652 LV, ribbed (4 New Road Numbers) $49.95
K6253-2111 UP Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K6253-3351A Clinchfield 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper 4-PAC $174.95
K6253-3352A Clinchfield 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper 4-PAC $174.95
K6253-6001A Ford 2-Bay Die Cast Hopper 3-pac $159.95
K6254-1091 B&O Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K6255-1051 ATSF 2-Bay Outside Braced Hopper $49.95
K6255-1091 B&O 2-Bay Outside Braced Hopper $49.95
K6255-1331 CB&Q 2 Bay Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K6255-1891 PRR 2-Bay Outside Braced Hopper $49.95
K6255-8011 Peabody 2-Bay Outside Braced Hopper $49.95
K626-1371 Milw Rd DC 4-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K626-1491 D&RGW DC 4-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K626-2031 SP Die Cast 4-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K632-6002 Ford Classic Tank Car w/dc chassis $39.95
K632-6501 Sweet Tarts Tank Car $39.95
K632-7446 Michigan State Quarter Tank Car Bank $34.95
K632-7447 Florida State Quarter Tank Car Bank $34.95
K632-7451 California State Quarter Tank Car Bank $34.95
K632-7452 Minnesota State Quarter Tank Car Bank $34.95
K632-8031 Gulf Oil Corporation Tank Car, 4 diff #'s $34.95
K6331-8014 Wyandotte Modern Tank Car $54.95
K6332-1051A Santa Fe Black Warbonnet Tank Car 4-PAC $219.95
K6332-5201 Heinz Aluminum Tank Car $59.95
K6332-8017 Cities Service Company Tank Car, 4 diff #'s $54.95
K6334-8019 Colfax Shortening Tank Car, 4 diff #'s $54.95
K6341-5103 COKE Aluminum Tank Car #3 $57.95
K6341-8021 Ethyl Modern Tank Car $52.95
K6341-8022 American Maize Products Tank Car, 4 diff #'s $52.95
K652-6001 Ford Die Cast Gondola $49.95
K652-7450 Wisconsin State Quarter Gondola Bank $44.95
K652-7455 West Virginia State Quarter Die Cast Gondola Bank $44.95
K663-1471A Lackawanna Coal & Lumber Log Car 4-PAC $99.95
K663-8024A Pacific Lumber Co. Log Car 4-PAC $99.95
K671-3745 LIRR Ore Car $29.95
K671-6501A Goobers & Raisinets Ore Car 2-Pac $69.95
K675-5104 COKE Train Car with four vats $34.95
K675-6401 Black Pirate Malt Syrup Closed Vat car $34.95
K675-7901 White House Vinegar Closed Vat car $34.95
K676-1093 B&O Coil Car, 4 diff #'s $44.95
K676-1934 Reading Coil Car, 4 diff #'s $44.95
K691-6004 Ford Flat with Coils and 1940 GW Ford tire truck $44.95
K691-6105 FDNY Flat car w/Vehicle, ISO Tank, 2 HAZMATs $44.95
K691-6302 Looney Tunes Christmas Flat Car $64.95
K691-7402 Christmas Flat Car w/Santa & 9 Reindeer $49.95
K693-2151 WM Scale Flat Car w/Pulpwood Load $69.95
K694-5102 COKE Auto Loader w/6 Vehicles $69.95
K694-6002 Ford Auto Loader $69.95
K694-6201 NYPD Auto Recovery Unit $69.95
K742-1051 Santa Fe Peaches Wood-Sided Reefer, 4 diff #'s $64.95
K742-1311 North Western Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-1891 Pennsylvania Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-2111 Pacific Fruit Express Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-5201 Heinz Pickles Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5202 Heinz Ketchup Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5203 Heinz Advertising Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5204 Heinz Apple Butter Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5205 Heinz Baked Beans Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5206 Heinz Apple Butter Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5207 Heinz Advertising Holiday Reefer $64.95
K742-5208 Heinz Plum Pudding Wood-sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5209 Heinz Mince Meat Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-5210 Heinz Pure Malt Vinegar Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-6301 Elmer Fudd "Hair Enhancing Elixir" Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-6302 Yosemite Sam "Red Hot Ryder Ointment" Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-6303 Porky Pig "Merry Melodies Patented Remedies" Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-6401 Miller Beer Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-6402 Miller Beer Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K742-6403 Miller Girl on the Moon Reefer $64.95
K742-6404 Miller High Life Reefer $64.95
K742-6405 Miller "First Shipment to Alaska" Reefer $64.95
K742-6406 Plank Road Advertising Reefer $64.95
K742-6501 Baby Ruth Reefer $64.95
K742-6502 Butterfinger Reefer $64.95
K742-6503 Oh Henry Reefer $64.95
K742-7902 White House Apple Transport Reefer $64.95
K742-8011 McLhaney Creamery Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8012 Peacock Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8013 Oppenheimer Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8014 Roberts Meat Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8015 Chateau Wine Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8016 Nash Mustard Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8017 Century Beer Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8018 Robin Hood Beer Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8019 Merchants Biscuit Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8020 A&P Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8021 Carnation Flaked Wheat WS Reefer $59.95
K742-8022 Columbia Soups Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8023 Doggie Dinner WS Reefer $59.95
K742-8024 IGA Stores WS Reefer $59.95
K742-8025 Kingan's Reliable WS Reefer $59.95
K742-8026 Libby's WS Reefer $59.95
K742-8027 Michigan Central Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8028 Mid West Hennery WS Reefer $59.95
K742-8029 Monarch Finer Foods Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8030 Northern Refrigerator Bananas WS Reefer $59.95
K742-8031 Rath's Black Hawk Ham Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8032 Wilson Car Lines Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8033A Merchants Despatch Wood-Sided Reefer 5-PAC $299.95
K742-8034 Battleship Ham Wood-Sided Reefer $59.95
K742-8035 Armour Star Ham Wood-Sided Reefer, 4 diff #'s $59.95
K742-8036 Blatz Beer Wood-Sided Reefer, 4 diff #'s $59.95
K742-8037 Goehring Grapes Wood Sided Reefer, 4 diff #'s $64.95
K742-8038 Kohr Bros.' Wood-Sided Reefer $64.95
K751-1591 Great Northern Die Cast Boxcar $49.95
K751-1791 New Haven Die Cast Boxcar $49.95
K751-1871 Penn Central Die Cast Boxcar $49.95
K752-1931 Reading Die Cast Reefer $49.95
K752-3181 Boston & Albany Die Cast Reefer $49.95
K761-1095 B&O Express Service Car $44.95
K761-1375 Milwaukee Rd Scale Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K761-1758A NYC Scale Boxcar 5-PAC $199.95
K761-1897 PRR Scale Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K761-1912 REA Express Steel-Sided Reefer $44.95
K761-1934 Reading Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K761-2034A Southern Pacific Scale Boxcar 6-PAC $229.95
K761-2035 Southern Pacific Express Service Boxcar $44.95
K762-5104 COKE Nostalgic WS Reefer $49.95
K762-5105 COKE Nostalgic Wood-Sided Reefer $49.95
K762-5106 COKE Nostalgic Wood-Sided Reefer $49.95
K762-5109 COKE Nostalgic Wood-Sided Reefer $49.95
K762-8038 Lighthouse Vineyard Reefer w/blinking LED $49.95
K763-5201 Heinz Tomato Stock Car $49.95
K765-1712 American Refrigerated Transit Reefer $44.95
K765-7448 Texas State Quarter Boxcar Bank $44.95
K765-7453 Oregon State Quarter Boxcar Bank $44.95
K766-1059 Santa Fe Express Service Reefer $44.95
K766-8011 Black Hills Packing Co Reefer $44.95
K767-1371 Milwaukee Road Bunk Car $49.95
K767-2111 UP Bunk Car $49.95
K767-5101 COKE Wood-Sided Smoking Travel Car, illum $54.95
K767-6001 Ford Security Bunk Car $54.95