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K-1127 US Army Train Set $259.95
K-1305 Trackside Construction Set $229.95
K-1305AO Trackside Construction Add-On Pac $99.95
K-1306 NYC Steam Freight Set $209.95
K-1306AO NYC Pacemaker Add-On Pac $99.95
K-1307 PRR Steam Freight Set $279.95
K-1307AO PRR Steam Add-On Pac $99.95
K-1309 COCA-COLA Santa Set (battery) $39.95
K-1409 Santa's Christmas Parade Train Set $249.95
K-1415 Reading Plymouth Switcher Set $139.95
K-1417 Wisconsin Central Plymouth Switcher Set $139.95
K-1433 FEC "Florida Limited" w/Scale Pacific $1,199.95
K-1434 B&O Scale Pacific Freight Set $1,199.95
K-1436 Reading MOW Train $229.95
K-1436AO Reading MOW Add-On Pac $99.95
K-1502 Lackawanna Steam Set $229.95
K-1508 COCA-COLA brand Electric Steam Set $249.95
K-1512 Nestle Steam Set (E/T + 4, TT) $259.95
K-1513CC PRR Trainmaster Freight Set $499.95
K-1513HS PRR Trainmaster Freight Set $399.95
K-1514 Christmas Plymouth Set $149.95
K-1516 Chesapeake & Ohio Plymouth Set $149.95
K-1518 Power Energy Transport Set $149.95