K2543-0752   Milwaukee Rd F-7 B-Unit Milwaukee Road
MSRP:  $139.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $125.96

The Milwaukee Road was known for their innovative passenger trains created in their own shops. K-LINE is a perfect match with Milwaukee Road, because it is also known for its innovative aluminum passenger cars. These Milwaukee Road ?Hiawatha? Cars are now available in 18 inch length to run on O-31 Curves and include all the other features of the full scale length cars. Plus, these cars including upgraded StreamLighting interior illumination for a more prototypical appearance. Lead the way around the track with newly upgraded F-7 Diesels, loaded with operational features that will convince you that your operating a real diesel. Combine Command Control remote operation with Cruise Control to maintain a steady speed over a variety of track conditions. Add Lionel RailSounds, electrocouplers, smoke, detailed trucks side frames, pivoting cloth diaphragms and separate brake hoses for a realistic diesel experience.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: In Stock

Engine Features
  •   1:48 Scale
  •   Operating Smoke Unit w/On-Off Switch
  •   Die cast trucks and wheels
  •   Die cast couplers
  •   Metal chassis
  •   Die cast fuel tank w/ underside tank detail
  •   Portholes with lenses
  •   Prototypical side and roof detail
  •   Metal grab rails
  •   Separate Side Vents
  •   Stainless Steel Side Grills and Roof Vents
  •   Freely Rotating Roof Fans
  •   13 1/2 inches long

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