K770-1051   Santa Fe Intermodal Spine Car 5-PAC w/containers Santa Fe
    K-LINE Collector's Club Member Exclusive. $150.00 ea.    

Over the years container traffic on the major railroads has continued to grow to the point that in many parts of the country, the only trains you see are intermodal container trains. No modern layout is complete without the finest intermodal cars around. K-LINE all die cast intermodal cars ride on die cast trucks and have operating couplers realistic switching and consist building.

TTAX Spine Cars prototypically operate in five-unit cars riding on common trucks. These die cast units were built from car manufacturer blue prints to ensure accuracy and realism. These cars can carry a variety of containers. While these five-unit cars would run in a train of five-unit cars, each end has regular couplers so it can go anywhere in the train.

Release Date: Early 06

TTAX Features
  •   O Scale (1:48)
  •   Die Cast Trucks
  •   All Metal Operating Couplers
  •   Die Cast Metal Body
  •   Trailer Support
  •   Prototypical Detailing

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On February 17, 2008 06:24 PM, MArk MAssa wrote:

Was this set ever released? IF so Do You know of anyone who wants to sell one?



On February 17, 2008 08:05 PM, Alex Weihmann wrote:

I do not belive this was shipped, or ever produced. Since it was do in 2006, and Lionel now had rights to K-line, they were only obligated to deliver KCC items, not others.