KCC-2005AHS   2005 Alaska SD70MAC Membership (Conv w/Full Sound, Speed Control & Smoke) Alaska
MSRP:  $175.00  ea.

This Scale engine is a fully detail version of the Alaska Railroad?s SD70MACs. The Alaska RR began using these engines in the mid 1990s to tame the curves between Fairbanks and Anchorage for both passenger and freight service. Our engine is built from all new tooling and sports the fine external details including directional lighting and illuminated number boards you expect from contemporary production. Inside are dual flywheel motors for smooth operation that eliminates harsh starts and stops, K-LINE Cruise Control, plus full digital sound sytem for realistic operation.

Release Date: Summer 06

Engine Features
  •   O Scale
  •   Conventional Operation
  •   Full Digital Sound System
  •   Cruise Control
  •   Smoke
  •   Dual Vertical Motors with Flywheels
  •   Die Cast Trucks, Pilot and Fuel Tank
  •   Illuminated Number Boards
  •   Directional Lighting
  •   Separate Metal Details
  •   New Tooling
  •   Engine Body Approximately 18” Long
  •   Runs on minimum 0-31 Curves

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