K651-2151   WM Classic Gondola w/coils Western Maryland
    K-LINE Collector's Club Member Exclusive. $25.00 ea.    

On November 1, 1980, the merger of Chessie System Inc. and Seaboard Coast Line Industries Inc. (SCLI) created what was then the largest rail network in the United States. As equal partners they formed a new holding company, CSX Corporation, with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The initials represented the two companies, Chessie and Seaboard, while the “X” was intended to refer to the merger as “much more” than just two railroads. In addition to rail systems, the newly formed corporation had interests in real estate, oil and gas, aviation, resort hotels, cable TV, publishing, trucking, pipelines, ships and timber.

Under CSX, the Chessie and Seaboard rail units brought together 17 separate railroad companies linking the entire eastern coast and the Midwest with nearly 28,000 miles of track. The companies operated as separate entities until July 1, 1986, when all Chessie and Seaboard operations were fully merged to create CSX Transportation (CSXT).

This open-top gondola carries coiled steel for auto and other manufacturing needs.

Release Date: SOLD OUT

Gondola Features
  •   O Gauge
  •   Die Cast Metal Trucks
  •   All Metal Operating Couplers

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