K2443-0437HS   Milwaukee Rd Trainmaster, Conventional w/Horn & Smoke Milwaukee Road
    $199.95 ea.    

Milwaukee Road served Fairbanks-Morse’s Beloit, Wisconsin plant and became its first customer for an OP engine in 1944. While Milwaukee Road never had Trainmaster diesels, they were one of four railroads who purchased H16-66 diesels, known as Baby Trainmasters. After the success of the Trainmaster, Fairbanks Morse redesigned the body of this 1600 horsepower desiels to look like compact Trainmasters. Since the last Milwaukee Baby Trainmaster was numbered 436, we have numbered our Trainmasters 437 and 438, as if Milwaukee ordered these engines.

These diesels are available in conventional mode with horn and smoke, or for the latest in operational realism, in command mode featuring Lionel RailSounds, TrainMaster Command Control, Smoke and Electrocouplers.

Catalog: 2004 1st and 2nd Editions
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Engine Features
  •   O Scale
  •   Digital Horn
  •   Operating Smoke Unit
  •   Dual Vertical Motors with Flywheels
  •   Die Cast Trucks, Fuel Tank, Pilot & Wheels
  •   Separate Etched Metal Roof Grills with Freely Moving Radiator Fans Visible Beneath
  •   Illuminated Number Boards
  •   Directional Lighting
  •   Separate Metal Handrails and Grab Rails
  •   Dimensions: 17” L x 2.5” W x 3.75” H

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