K3380-1361CV   PRR K4s Steam Engine w/whistle (postwar) Pennsylvania
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The Pacific Steam Engine was the predominant passenger locomotive in the first half of the 20th Century, and the Pennsylvania K4s was the most famous, and the most numerous. Pennsy owned 425 engines in the K4s class, 350 built at Juniata and 75 at Baldwin. The first one was built in 1914, as part of an effort to build new, heavy passenger and freight engines that shared a common boiler (L1s Mikado was the freight engine). Three years of exhaustive road testing stood between the first K4s and subsequent members of this class. Its original design was based on Alco?s experimetal K29s and E6s Atlantic, yielding a simple and modest engine that was able keep pace with competitors? more modern power.

The K-LINE Scale model of this veteran engine features the details that have become mainstays of a K-LINE die cast locomotive, including opening cab roof hatches, firebox glow, opening tender hatch revealing volume control, solid brass builder?s plates, separate brass piping and cab interior lighting.

On a full-size railroad, an engine class may be configured in a number of different ways, or the same engine may change over time. K-LINE continues to create engines that mimic this real world practice. The Pennsy K4s is available in three styles: a prewar version with a standard cow catcher, a prewar version with the addition of smoke deflectors, and a postwar version with a streamlined pilot. All three versions are available in conventional and command versions.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: Early 06

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