K-1210   Kennecott Handcar Mining Set Kennecott Copper
    $99.95 ea.    

Every country is forged from raw materials and this hard-working train is heading home from the mine with the mother lode. After a hard day filling the cars with ore, these two miners must pump their way back to their bunkhouse. Four ore cars and three trailers with tools and other supply follow the operating hand car. This set includes an oval of K-LINE?s exclusive SuperSnap track, a revolutionary, snap-together track system that is compatible with all O Gauge tubular track. The AC transformer provides plenty of power for operation. Easy hook-up wires and a surge protector built into the track complete the package.

Catalog: 2003 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Operating Handcar
  •   4 Ore Cars with loads
  •   3 Trailers with supplies
  •   31 x 41 SuperSnap Layout
  •   Terminal Track
  •   AC Transformer
  •   Hook-up Wires

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