K2627-05   Coney Island Trolley  
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Trolleys were the main means of transportation in major cities in the very early part of the 20th Century. Often trolley companies would build a line stretching outside of the city limits and create a park or other amusement destination at the end of the line. It made a great escape from hectic city life. The amusement park in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, NY is an example of one owned by a trolley company. Coney Island is noted for being the location of the invention of the hot dog by Charles Feltman and the site of the first roller coaster in America. Today, Coney Island is home to the largest rapid transit storage facility in the entire country. Several generations of people have fond memories of exciting vacations or day trips to the various incarnations of that Brooklyn boardwalk retreat on the water.

Catalog: 2002 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Trolley Features
  •   Operating
  •   Forward and Reverse
  •   Equipped with overhead StreamLighting®
  •   Perfect for Layout or Display

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On May 22, 2009 07:53 PM, Anonymus wrote:

The number on this trolley is 92447. My father's favorite place on Earth was his memories of visting Coney Island as a child, so I created this trolley for him. When it came to giving it a road number, I used my Father's birthdate 9-24-47.