Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

LegacyKLine.com accepts sponsorships and advertising in several formats. All ads are reviewed and approved prior to publishing to ensure they are appropriate for this site, contain reasonable color combinations that are compatible with the design of this site, and follow best practices for internet advertising. Only products and services that will appeal to the model train community will be considered.

Standard Sponsorship Ad Units

LegacyKLine can accomodate up to two individual Standard Sponsorship Ad Units. These ads are 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall and also allow for up to 75 characters of text to accompany the image and are displayed in the top right sidebar area of every LegacyKLine page except for the product details page, where they are moved down to just below the product feedback user options. Sponsorship Ad Units will replace any Google Ads that may be running on the site. These ad units are priced on a monthly basis at a rate of $50 per month or $250 for 6 months.

Targeted Item Type Ad Units

Each product on LegacyKLine site is attached to an Item Type - examples are "O Scale Steam" or "O Gauge Freight" (list of available items types). Targeted Item Type Ad Units are displayed when a user views the list of products linked to the specified type, and the product details page for a product matching the specified item type. These ads are available in "premium" and "standard" varieties.

  • Premium ads are above the product details but below the standard navigation elements.
  • Standard ads are at the bottom of the product details and above the user generated comments.

Both varieties of ads are defined as a standard banner advertisement of 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall displayed at the bottom of the product details. Premium ad units are priced on a monthly basis for each item type specified at a rate of $85 per month or $450 for 6 months while standard units are $30 per month or $150 for 6 months.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Other sponsorship opportunities such as Text Link Ads or RSS Feed Sponsorship are also available for discussion.

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