K-0001   Operating O & O-27 Trains  
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A comprehensive guide that covers everything from how to begin to detailed landscaping techniques. This book will transport the hobbyist from the four walls of the room to a railroad empire. Chapters on construction of tables, electrical wiring and operating various transformers are also included.

Table of Contents

How to Begin
Planning the Layout
Looking Ahead
Layout Suggestions
Giant Railroads
Layout Plans
Tables and Benches
Cuts and Fills
Grades and Elevations
Lakes and Waterways
Culverts, Bridges and Trestles
Trackwork and Ballast
Lineside Scenery
Engines Terminals
Real Estate Improvements
Electricity and Control
Taking Care of Your Trains
Locomotive Operation
Operating Cars
Operating Accessories
Multiple Train Operation
Track Layout
Operating Switches
Power Supply

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Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: In Stock

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