K-0004   Track Layout and Accessories Manual for Lionel Trains  
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This is a great book that puts a whole lot of information together in a very straight forward format. The content is a step by step aproach to the layout and operation of trains. Learn about the different track configurations from the pros, as well as train maintenance, accessory operation and more. This is the easiest, most basic book available from this collection, and perfect for the beginner hobbyist.

Table of Contents

Section One - How to Assemble your Layout
Section Two - Power Supply
Section Three - Automatic Operating Car
Section Four - Automatic Signaling
Section Five - Accessories
Section Six - Accessory Railroad Equipment
Section Seven - How to Build a Model Railroad
Section Eight - Layout Plans
Section Nine - How to Take Care of Equipment

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Catalog: 2002 2nd Edition
Release Date: In Stock

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