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K-77027E TTAX Classic 5-Unit w/5 containers $139.95
K-7752 APL Classic Thrall DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-775201 APL Thrall DTTX w/2 containers $64.95
K-7753 SF Thrall DTTX $64.95
K-7755 FEC Classic Thrall DTTX w/1 container & 2 ISO Tanks $62.95
K-7761 SF Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-776101 SF Gunderson DTTX w/ General Aviation Parts $64.95
K-7762 BN Classic Gunderson DTTX (no containers) $49.95
K-776201A BN Gunderson DTTX 2-PAC $149.95
K-77621 BN Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-776210 BN Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 BN containers $62.95
K-7764 CSX Classic Gunderson DTTX (no containers) $49.95
K-776401A CSX Gunderson DTTX 2-PAC $149.95
K-776409 CSX Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 Conrail containers $62.95
K-77641 CSX Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-7765 SP Classic Gunderson DTTX (no containers) $49.95
K-776501A SP Gunderson DTTX 2-PAC $149.95
K-776502 SP Gunderson DTTX w/trailer $64.95
K-77651 SP Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-7768 "K"Line America Gunderson DTTX $64.95
K-776901 Southwind Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $64.95
K-7770 Maersk Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $64.95
K-7793 TTX Classic Thrall DTTX (no containers) $49.95
K-77931 TTX Classic Thrall DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-7794 TTX Classic Thrall DTTX 2-PAC (no containers) $89.95
K-7795 TTX Classic Gunderson DTTX (no containers) $49.95
K-779501A TTX Gunderson DTTX 2-PAC $149.95
K-77951 TTX Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-7810001 Agmark ISO Tank $14.95
K-7810003 Matlack ISO Tank $14.95
K-7810004 Northbrook ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810005 Santa Fe ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810008 Union Pacific ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810015 "K" Line America ISO Tank $14.95
K-7810025 SP ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810026 CSX ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810027 Hyundai ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810028 Sealand ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810031 NASA ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810032 AEC ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810033 I Love NY ISO Tank $15.95
K-7810034 Timken ISO Tank $15.95
K-782001 APL 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-7820010 Burlington Northern Container (40') $7.95
K-7820015 CGM Container (40') $8.95
K-7820028 Sealand Refrigerated Container (40') $7.95
K-782004 CSX Container (40') $7.95
K-7820045 Union Pacific Aztec Service Container (40') $7.95
K-7820046 Baltimore & Ohio Container (40') $7.95
K-7820052 Florida East Coast Container (40') $7.95
K-7820055 BNSF 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-7820056 CSX 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-7820057 Norfolk Southern 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-7820058 Union Pacific 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-782006 Santa Fe Container (40') $8.95
K-7820063 BN "Welcome Aboard" 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-782008 OOCL Container (40') $7.95
K-782009 Conrail Container (40') $7.95
K-7830020 Maersk 40 Ft Container $8.95
K-786005 Southern Pacific Container (48') $12.95
K-7860051 JB Hunt Container (48') $12.95
K-7860059 BNSF 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-7860060 CSX 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-7860061 Norfolk Southern 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-7860062 Union Pacific 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-7860064 BN 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-7860065 CSX 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-7860066 Conquest 48 Ft Container $12.95
K-81073TT Quikrete Tractor Flatbed $32.95
K-813802TT Penzoil Tractor Trailer $21.95
K-813803TT US Postal Service Tractor Trailer $21.95
K-8138TT Federal Express Tractor Trailer $21.95
K-813901TT Undecorated Auto Carrier $19.95
K-814001 1:43 Kenworth W900 w/Trailer $14.95
K-814002 1:43 Kenworth W900 w/Tanker $14.95
K-814003 1:43 Kenworth W900 w/Auto Carrier $14.95
K-814004 1:43 Kenworth W900 w/Tandem Dump Truck $14.95
K-860011 NYK Tractor Container Chassis $24.95
K-860024 Know When to Say When Tractor Container Chassis $24.95
K-860026 Bud Light Tractor Container Chassis $24.95
K-860030 Reese's Nostalgia Tractor Container Chassis $24.95
K-860035 HERSHEY'S Cookies & Creme TCC $24.95
K-8600S 40 Foot Container Chassis $15.95
K-862051 JB Hunt Tractor Container Chassis (48 Foot) $32.95
K-8650S PRATT Over-the-Road Chassis (for ISO Tank) $15.95
K-9700W Undecorated 9700 International Cabover Tractor $15.95
K770-1171A BNSF TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (AED) $129.95
K770-1171B BNSF TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (BCD) $129.95
K770-1431A CSX TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (AED) $129.95
K770-1431B CSX TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (BCD) $129.95
K770-1831A Norfolk Southern TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (AED) $129.95
K770-1831B Norfolk Southern TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (BCD) $129.95
K770-2111A Union Pacific TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (AED) $129.95
K770-2111B Union Pacific TTAX Spine Car 3-PAC (BCD) $129.95
K770-6535 TTAX 5-Unit Spine Car Set w/4 containers and 2 ISO tanks $149.95
K771-1051 SF Front Runner w/SF Trailer (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K771-1052 COKE Trailer on SF Front Runner $54.95
K771-2111 UP Front Runner w/2 UP ISO Tanks (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K771-2191 TTX Front Runner w/K-LINE Cont (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K771-8011 NASA Front Runner w/2 NASA ISO Tanks (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K774-0111 JB Hunt & RI Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $62.95
K774-1051 Santa Fe Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/3 RailMate Bogies $64.95
K774-1431 CSX Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $62.95
K774-1611 IC Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/3 Railmate Bogies $64.95
K774-1831 NS Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $62.95
K774-1891 PRR Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $64.95
K774-2031 SP/UP Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $64.95
K7740-110 Santa Fe Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $62.95
K7740-112 Amtrak Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $62.95