K-2702B   PRR Interurbans, pwrd & dummy Pennsylvania
    $399.95 ea.    

Recreate a unique period of railroading history. These Interurbans are perfect for the cityscape on your layout. Before buses and before cars, the electric interurban moved people around the city and played a vital role in the development of the cities themselves.

The K-LINE® Interurbans are back. Heavy on detail, these O Scale, powered passenger cars keep the quality features that made earlier versions of our Interurbans so popular, like dual motors on powered units, operating headlights and metal pilots. However, we upgraded these great cars with even more exciting details. Each unit comes equipped with a fully furnished, realistic interior illuminated by overhead StreamLighting®. Roller pick-ups on each unit provide power from the track.

Catalog: 2000 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Interurban Features
  •   18 inches long
  •   O Scale (1:48)
  •   Fully Furnished Interiors
  •   StreamLighting® Illumination
  •   3 Position Electronic Reversing Unit
  •   Dual Truck-Mounted Motors (in powered unit only)
  •   Operating Headlight
  •   Operating Marker Lights
  •   Operating Die Cast Couplers
  •   Metal Pilot and Chassis
  •   Metal Safety Chain at Ends
  •   Six-wheel Die Cast Trucks
  •   Needle-Point Axles
  •   Fast Angle Wheels
  •   Vestibules w/ Opening Doors
  •   Metal Steps and Grab Rails
  •   Underside Details
  •   Authentic Paint Schemes
  •   42" Diameter Curve Required

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On January 09, 2011 06:37 PM, Anonymus thinks that something is not accurate:

The PRR Interurbans have silhouettes.