K-5801   New York Central S Gauge Porter Freight Set Santa Fe S Gauge Porter Freight Set Reading S Gauge Porter Freight Set New York Central
MSRP:  $249.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $224.96
K-5801 K-5801 K-5801 K-5801

The engines developed by the H. K. Porter Company in Pittsburgh were little industrial dynamos. They were the personal computer of the 19th century ? small and inexpensive enough to be affordable not only to railroads but to business and industry. They transformed the nature of work. They could be customized to fit the specific applications and conditions so they not only did yard switching and short hauls for the railroads, they could cost effectively replace mules and men in a mine, logging operation, plantation or factory. Our S Gauge Porter has a die cast body and comes with operating smoke, and cab illumination. The consist includes a box car with air whistle, tank car and illuminated cabooose

Catalog: 2005 2nd Edition
Release Date: Early 06

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