K3680-9628W   PRR Mikado and Tender w/dig whistle Pennsylvania
    $419.95 ea.    

The 2-8-2 Steam Locomotive earned the name Mikado in service on the Nippon Railway of Japan. In 1897, Baldwin built a number of 2-8-2 engines for the Japan railway. Translated, Mikado means Emperor of Japan -- a name that became controversial during World War II. In fact, several railroads tried to change the name of their 2-8-2 locomotives from Mikado to MacArthur. The name didn’t stick, but MacArthur is listed in most places as an alternate name.

The Mikado Die Cast Steam Locomotive is reproduced by K-LINE® with prototypical accuracy and loads of incredible details including eight open-spoked, sintered steel drive wheels, turned metal stanchions to hold the handrails in place, the swinging brass bell, the coupler lift chain and opening boiler front.

The Mikado engine and tender include either a digital steam whistle to recreate the sounds of steam railroading and a smoke unit that generates just the right amount of smoke.

The Mikado Steam Engine also includes both a Scale die cast coupler and an O Gauge die cast coupler to allow for either scale or O Gauge rail operation.

Catalog: 2000 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Engine Features
  •   Die Cast Boiler
  •   Die Cast Chassis
  •   Die Cast Open-Slotted Pilot
  •   Brass Tubing Detail
  •   Operating Headlight
  •   Operating Marker Lights
  •   Operating Smoke Unit
  •   Illuminated Firebox
  •   Engineer Figure
  •   Cab Detail
  •   Swinging Brass Bell
  •   Coupler Lift Chain
  •   Opening Boiler Front
  •   Brass Whistle Detail
  •   Brass Smoke Stack
  •   Sintered Steel Wheels
  •   Open-Spoked Drive Wheels
  •   Blackened Brass Handrails
  •   Turned Metal Stanchions
  •   Motor with Brass Flywheel
  •   Worm Gear Driven
  •   Interchangeable Scale and O Gauge Die Cast Couplers Included

Tender Features
  •   Die Cast Body
  •   Operating Marker Lights
  •   Rear Directional Light
  •   6-Wheel Die Cast Trucks
  •   Separate Metal Grab Rails
  •   Separate Die Cast Steps
  •   Die Cast Ladder

Mikado Engine & Tender Features
  •   3 Position Electronic Reversing Unit
  •   20 Inches Long
  •   7.5 Pounds
  •   Operates on O-31 Track

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