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K-1008 B and O Presidential Train w/whistle $329.95
K-1432 B&O "Capitol Limited" w/Scale Pacific $849.95
K-1434 B&O Scale Pacific Freight Set $1,199.95
K-25101 Baltimore & Ohio F-7 A-B-A, all powered, horn $499.95
K-25102 Baltimore & Ohio F-7 A-B, both powered, horn $332.95
K-25106TC B&O F-7 A-A w/RailSounds & TMCC $599.95
K-28101 B&O E-8 Powered AA w/Lionel RailSounds™, TMCC®, Smoke & Electrocouplers $579.95
K-3018 B&O Pacific Steam Engine/Tndr w/Real Sounds® $138.33
K-4510A B and O 2-PAC $84.95
K-4610C Baltimore & Ohio "The Columbian" 21" 2-PAC $249.95
K-4610D B&O 21" Aluminum Passenger 2-PAC $249.95
K-4610E B&O 21" Aluminum Passenger 2-PAC $249.95
K-4610F B&O 15" Aluminum Passenger 4-PAC $419.95
K-4810A B&O 15" Heavyweight 6-PAC $299.95
K-69007 Baltimore & Ohio Scale Flat Car w/logs $25.95
K-69010 Baltimore & Ohio Scale Flat Car w/container $32.95
K-7820046 Baltimore & Ohio Container (40') $7.95
K-90015 B&O Timesaver Boxcar $25.00
K-94359 B&O 48 Ford Pick-up $8.95
K2410-5620 B&O GP7 Diesel $59.95
K2510-5497 B&O F-7 B-Unit $139.95
K2630-06 Baltimore & Ohio Plymouth Switcher $110.00
K2630-21 B&O Plymouth Switcher $110.00
K2630-22 B&O Plymouth Switcher $110.00
K2810-1452 B&O E-8 Dummy B-Unit w/Smoke $149.95
K3310-5217W B&O Pacific (blue) $749.95
K3310-5225W B&O Pacific (black) $749.95
K3610-4529CC B&O Scale Mikado w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC & Electrocouplers $649.95
K3610-4596W B&O Scale Mikado w/Lionel SignalSounds $529.95
K511-009 B&O S Gauge Boxcar $22.95
K511-033 B&O S Gauge Flat Car w/vehicle $22.95
K515-001 B&O S Gauge Pacific Steam Engine & Tender $149.95
K516-004 B&O S Gauge Plymouth $120.00
K516-005 B&O S Gauge Plymouth $120.00
K612-1091 B&O Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K614-1092A Baltimore and Ohio Classic 6-PAC $149.95
K616-1091 B&O Scale Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K616-1092A B&0 Scale Freight 6-PAC $314.95
K623-1094 Baltimore & Ohio Scale Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-1095 Baltimore & Ohio Scale Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-1096 B&O Scale Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-1097 B&O Scale Die Cast Hopper (#532001) $49.95
K623-1098A B&O Scale Freight Car 5-PAC $199.95
K6243-1091 B&O Chessie 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6254-1091 B&O Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K6255-1091 B&O 2-Bay Outside Braced Hopper $49.95
K641-1092 Baltimore & Ohio Classic Boxcar $40.00
K643-1091 Baltimore & Ohio Classic Stock Car $25.95
K652-1091 Baltimore & Ohio Scale Die Cast Gondola $44.95
K661-1091 B&O CLASSIC Flat Car w/cannons (#30830) $35.95
K672-1091A B&O Ore Car 6-PAC $60.00
K676-1091A Baltimore and Ohio Scale Coil Car 2-PAC $69.95
K676-1093 B&O Coil Car, 4 diff #'s $44.95
K682-1091 Baltimore & Ohio Work Caboose $19.95
K691-1091 B&O Flat Car w/2 Ore Cars $44.95
K691-1092 B&O Flat Car w/4 Die Cast Cannons $44.95
K692-1091 B&O Die Cast Flat Car w/Boat Propeller $69.95
K693-1091 B&O Scale Die Cast Flat Car w/pulp wood load $69.95
K721-1091 B&O Operating Searchlight $34.95
K724-1091 B&O Operating Coal Dump Car w/Vehicle & Bin $32.95
K752-1091 B&O Die Cast Reefer $49.95
K761-1093 B&O Scale Boxcar $44.95
K761-1095 B&O Express Service Car $44.95
K762-7489 B&O Historical Art Wood-sided Reefer $44.95
K763-1091 B&O Double Deck Stock Car $44.95
K872-102 B&O Panel Truck $14.95