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K-42406 Conrail Railroad Paint Shop w/Scale Boxcar $79.95
K-782009 Conrail Container (40') $7.95
K2407-2943 Conrail 25th Anniversary GP38 w/Lionel RailSounds™, TMCC® & Electrocouplers $379.95
K612-1411 Conrail RR Police Smoking Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K613-1411 Conrail Scale Caboose $49.95
K615-1411 Conrail N5C Caboose $64.95
K6244-1411 Conrail 4-Bay Alum Aluminum Hopper $54.95
K6244-1412 Conrail 4-Bay Aluminum Hopper $54.95
K640-1411 Conrail Boxcar $19.95
K641-1412 Conrail O Boxcar (Train 19) $19.95
K652-1411 Conrail Scale Die Cast Gondola w/scrap load $44.95
K652-1412 Conrail Scale Die Cast Gondola w/scrap load $49.95
K676-1411 Conrail Coil Car $44.95
K676-1412 Conrail Coil Car $44.95
K692-1411 Conrail Dep Ctr Flat Car w/transformer $69.95