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K-013106 Ford Rotating Tower $44.95
K-1504 Ford Plymouth Set $149.95
K-42417 Ford Operating Auto Showroom $139.95
K-94453 Ford Corsair with large travel trailer $11.95
K-94458 Ford Corsair $5.95
K-94664 Ford Mustang Mach III Convertible $5.95
K2628-15A Ford Speeder w/2 Trailers $64.95
K511-001 Ford S Gauge Boxcar $27.95
K511-043 Ford S Gauge Boxcar $27.95
K6242-6001 Ford 2-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6253-6001A Ford 2-Bay Die Cast Hopper 3-pac $159.95
K632-6002 Ford Classic Tank Car w/dc chassis $39.95
K644-6001 Ford Double Door Boxcar $29.95
K652-6001 Ford Die Cast Gondola $49.95
K661-6001 Ford Classic Flat Car w/coils $32.95
K691-6001 Ford Flat Car w/2 '66 T-Birds $35.95
K691-6002 Ford Flat Car w/Die Cast 55, 66, 00 T-Birds $44.95
K691-6003 Ford Flat Car w/2 Die Cast 97 Ford F150s $44.95
K691-6004 Ford Flat with Coils and 1940 GW Ford tire truck $44.95
K694-6001 Ford Auto Loader w/6 die cast vehicles $64.95
K694-6002 Ford Auto Loader $69.95
K722-6001 Ford Operating Double Searchlight $39.95
K767-6001 Ford Security Bunk Car $54.95
K899-102 Henry Ford's Test Car $24.95
K899-127 Ford E-350 Ambulance (red) $34.99
K899-128 Ford E-350 Ambulance (white) $34.99
K899-129 Ford E-350 Ambulance (blue) $34.99