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K-012103A North Pole Village $99.95
K-1114 Santa’s Workshop Musical Steam Freight Set $209.95
K-1409 Santa's Christmas Parade Train Set $249.95
K-1514 Christmas Plymouth Set $149.95
K-42316 Halloween Figures $19.95
K-42323 Santa Delivery Service (30 Santa's Helpers + 7 airplanes) $9.95
K-42325 Santa's Helpers' Watchtower (30 Santa's Helpers + Accy) $14.95
K-42432 Spookiest House on the Block $24.95
K-42445 Santa Claus is Coming to Town $29.95
K-42446 Happy Halloween $29.95
K-42447 Haunted Tire Swing $29.95
K-43024 Halloween Festival $22.95
K-6427S Special Addition girl, musical boxcar $39.95
K-6428S Special Addition boy, musical boxcar $39.95
K-649401 Happy Hanukkah Boxcar $21.95
K2627-01 Jolly Holly Trolley $59.95
K2628-05 Santa Claus Speeder $49.95
K641-7402S Holiday Car w/Musical Sounds on Base $44.95
K641-7404 K-LINE® 1999-2000 Classic Holiday Boxcar $25.95
K641-7406 K-LINE 2001 Christmas Boxcar $29.95
K641-7409S K-LINE Musical Holiday Boxcar w/base $44.95
K641-7410 Happy Birthday musical boxcar $39.95
K641-7411 K-LINE Christmas Boxcar $29.95
K641-7412 K-LINE 2003 Christmas Boxcar w/lights $34.95
K641-7415 Snowman Musical Boxcar $44.95
K641-8015 Happy Hanukkah Boxcar $29.95
K661-7401 K-LINE Christmas Flat Car w/Santa Sleigh and Reindeer $39.95
K691-7402 Christmas Flat Car w/Santa & 9 Reindeer $49.95
K701-7415 Snowman Musical Operating Boxcar $44.95