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K-1005 IC Gulf Fast Freight Set w/horn $199.95
K-28351 IC E-9 A-B-A w/Lionel RailSounds & TMCC $699.95
K-4635A IC City of New Orleans 2-PAC (15") $209.95
K-4635B IC City of New Orleans 4-PAC (18") $459.95
K3435-0205CC IC 4-6-6T Tank Engine (Command) $599.95
K3635-7050CC Illinois Central Scale Berkshire w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC, Cruise Control & Electrocouplers $899.95
K616-1611 Illinois Central Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K618-1611 Illinois Central Modern Caboose $59.95
K623-1611 Illinois Central Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K676-1611 IC Coil Car (#97298) $35.95
K676-1612 IC Coil Car (#97299) $35.95
K774-1611 IC Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/3 Railmate Bogies $64.95