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K-404101 NYPD Police Station w/die cast helicopter $19.95
K-407202 NYPD Vehicle Maintenance Station w/die cast truck $19.95
K-94531 NYPD Police Cruiser Pedal Car $9.95
K-94532 NYPD Tow Truck Pedal Car $9.95
K-94558 NYPD Bus $10.95
K-94563 NYPD 1:43 White Cruiser $4.95
K-94706 NYPD Bell 412 Helicopter $14.95
K-94801 NYPD 1:24 Police Cruiser $14.95
K-94902 American Heroes NYPD 4-PAC $22.95
K-94904 NYPD Mounted Police Pickup w/Horse Trailer and Horse $19.95
K2628-16A NYPD Cops and Robbers Speeder 2-Pac (pwd/dum) $69.95
K2629-10 NYPD Motorized Van $54.95
K511-039 NYPD S Gauge Boxcar $27.95
K661-6201 NYPD Flat Car w/2 Pedal Cars $39.95
K662-6201 NYPD Flat Car w/Die Cast Helicopter $39.95
K691-6201 NYPD Railroad Command Unit w/dc vehicle $44.95
K691-8019 NYPD Flat Car w/ die cast SUV & Tow Truck $44.95
K691-8020 NYPD Flat Car w/ die cast Police Cruiser & Van $44.95
K694-6201 NYPD Auto Recovery Unit $69.95
K707-6201 NYPD Operating Cop and Robber Car $49.95
K767-6201 NYPD Criminal Transport Car $49.95
K871-007 NYPD Emergency Service Vehicle $29.95