K2630-05   New Hope Valley Plymouth Switcher  
    $99.95 ea.    

Manufactured by the Plymouth Locomotive Works, this hard-working switcher was commonly found in large construction sites, mining operations and other tough environments. These hearty engines outlasted many of the companies that purchased them. Our tough model is die cast with prototypical details including marker lights. An engine that works as hard as you needs to have the tools to get the job done, and this is no exception. Featuring a reverse unit, operating smoke unit, directional lighting, this will become your favorite switcher.

The New Hope Valley Railway is a real railroad run by the East Carolina Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society as an educational demonstration project. It operates on the last remaining portion of the Durham and South Carolina Railway, which later became the original Norfolk Southern Railway's Durham branch. For more information contact the railway at 919-362-5416 or on the web at www.nhvry.org. Visit them at 5121 Daisy Street in Bonsal, North Carolina.

Catalog: 2004 1st and 2nd Editions
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Switcher Features
  •   1:48
  •   Die Cast Body
  •   Operating Smoke Unit
  •   3 Position Reversing Unit
  •   Directional Lighting

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