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K-0252 Double Straight $1.79
K-29211 Rio Grande Semi-Scale PA-1 A-A Diesels w/Lionel RailSounds & TMCC $479.95
K-29212 Rio Grande PA-1 ABA w/ TMCC, EC, Smoke $599.95
K-44211 The Rio Grande Royal Gorge 6-Car Set $449.95
K-4621A Rio Grande "The Prospector" 15" Passenger Car 4-PAC $419.95
K-4621B Rio Grande "The Prospector" 21" Passenger Car 4-PAC $499.95
K-4821A Rio Grande Royal Gorge 4-PAC $199.95
K2628-02 DRGW Speeder $49.95
K3721-3800CC D&RGW Challenger w/command $649.95
K3721-3800W D&RGW Challenger w/whistle $499.95
K4621-20100 Rio Grande Wilson McCarthy Business Car $119.95
K511-008 D&RGW S Gauge Boxcar $22.95
K613-1491 Rio Grande Scale Caboose $49.95
K616-1491 Rio Grande Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K6244-1491 Rio Grande 4-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K626-1491 D&RGW DC 4-Bay Ribbed Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K640-1492 Rio Grande Boxcar $19.95
K640-1493 Rio Grande Boxcar $19.95
K641-1492A D&RGW Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K641-1493A D&RGW Boxcar 6-PAC $109.95
K646-1491 DRGW Boxcar $19.95
K652-1491 Rio Grande Die Cast Gondola $49.95
K661-1491 Rio Grande Flatcar w/logs $19.95
K671-1491A Rio Grande Scale Ore Car 2-PAC $65.90
K671-1493A D&RGW Ore Car 4-PAC $119.95
K691-1491 Rio Grande Scale Flat Car w/container $32.95
K691-1492 Rio Grande Scale Flat Car w/container $32.95
K872-103 D&RGW Panel Truck $14.95