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K-224302A RI MP-15 Diesel w/horn and Classic Caboose $99.00
K2484-0495 Rock Island Scale RS-3 Diesel Engine w/smoke, Lionel RailSounds & TMCC $299.95
K613-1391 Rock Island Extended Vision Caboose $59.95
K623-1391A Rock Island Scale 5-PAC $209.95
K652-1391A Rock Island Gondola 2-PAC w/loads & covers $99.95
K671-1391 Rock Island Scale Ore Car $32.95
K691-1392 Rock Island Flat Car w/ 2 '48 Ford Pick-ups $44.95
K692-1391 Rock Island Die Cast Depressed Center Flat Car w/cable reel $64.95
K752-1391 Rock Island Scale Die Cast Wood-Sided Reefer (#65402) $44.95