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K-1009 SF Silver Chief w/Real Sounds® $299.95
K-1116 SF “Steam Chief” Passenger Set $359.95
K-1904 Santa Fe SuperSteam™ Set w/Real Sounds® $259.95
K-21301 Santa Fe Alco AA Diesel Set w/Horn $149.95
K-221304A SF MP-15 Diesel w/horn and Classic Caboose $99.00
K-25301 SF F-7 A-B-A w/Lionel RailSounds & TMCC $599.95
K-25303TC Santa Fe F-3 ABA w/RailSounds & TMCC $699.95
K-25304 Santa Fe F-7 AA w/Lionel RailSounds™, TMCC®, Smoke & Electrocouplers $479.95
K-25305TC Santa Fe F-7 ABA w/RailSounds & TMCC $699.95
K-29301 Santa Fe PA-1 AA Diesels $479.95
K-300302 SF Steam Engine & Tender $129.95
K-300303 Santa Fe Steam & Tender, smoke, whistle $129.95
K-424012 SF Caboose Yard Office $79.95
K-424082 ATSF Operating Billboard $64.95
K-42440 Operating Santa Fe Diner $99.95
K-4530A Santa Fe Streamliner 2-PAC $84.95
K-4630A SF Super Chief 2-PAC (15 $209.95
K-4630B SF Super Chief 4-PAC (15") $419.95
K-4630C SF Super Chief 4-PAC (18") $459.95
K-4630D Santa Fe "Super Chief" 21" Passenger Car 4-PAC $499.95
K-4630E Santa Fe "El Capitan" 21" Hi-Level 2-PAC $299.95
K-4630F Santa Fe "El Capitan" 21" Hi-Level 2-PAC $299.95
K-4630H SF "El Capitan" 18" Hi-Level 4-PAC $499.95
K-4630J Santa Fe 21" Hi-Level 2-PAC $299.95
K-4630K Santa Fe 21" Hi-Level 2-PAC $299.95
K-4630L SF "Midnight Chief" 18" 4-PAC $459.95
K-4630M SF "Midnight Chief" 18" 2-PAC $229.95
K-4630N Santa Fe 18" Midnight Chief 2-PAC $229.95
K-4630P Santa Fe 21" 4-PAC $499.95
K-4630Q Santa Fe 21" 2-PAC $249.95
K-4630R Santa Fe 21" 2-PAC $249.95
K-4630S Santa Fe 21" Hi-Level 4-PAC $599.95
K-4630T Santa Fe "El Capitan" 18" Aluminum Passenger 4-PAC $459.95
K-4830B SF The Chief 4-PAC $199.95
K-5802 Santa Fe S Gauge Porter Freight Set $249.95
K-685602 Santa Fe Boom Car $21.95
K-6991 Santa Fe Scale Flat Car w/bulkhead, stakes $26.95
K-699106 Santa Fe Scale Flat Car w/Santa Fe container $32.95
K-7753 SF Thrall DTTX $64.95
K-7761 SF Classic Gunderson DTTX w/2 containers $62.95
K-776101 SF Gunderson DTTX w/ General Aviation Parts $64.95
K-7765 SP Classic Gunderson DTTX (no containers) $49.95
K-7810005 Santa Fe ISO Tank $15.95
K-782006 Santa Fe Container (40') $8.95
K-94352 ATSF 53 Ford Pick-up $8.95
K2430-0204CC ATSF SD75M #204 (Command & Speed Control) $275.00
K2430-0204CV ATSF SD75M #204 (Conventional) $125.00
K2430-0204HS ATSF SD75M #204 (Conv w/Full Sound, Speed Control & Smoke) $175.00
K2430-0211CC ATSF SD75M #211 (Command & Speed Control) $275.00
K2430-0211CV ATSF SD75M #211 (Conventional) $125.00
K2430-0211HS ATSF SD75M #211 (Conv w/Full Sound, Speed Control & Smoke) $175.00
K2430-2842 Santa Fe GP7 Diesel $59.95
K2430-3508 Santa Fe GP38 Diesel $399.95
K2530-0327 Santa Fe F-7 B, dummy $129.95
K2530-0383 Santa Fe B F-7 Diesel #38B $139.95
K2628-26 Santa Fe Speeder $49.95
K2629-08 ATSF Motorized Van $49.95
K2630-09 ATSF Plymouth Switcher $99.95
K3230-3462S ATSF Hudson and Tender w/Lionel RailSounds & TMCC $519.95
K3230-3462W ATSF Hudson and Tender w/dig whistle $419.95
K3330-3420 Santa Fe Pacific Steam & Tender, Real Sounds $474.95
K3430-0001 Santa Fe B6 w/Lionel RailSounds, TMCC, Smoke & Electrocouplers $599.95
K3630-4198CV ATSF Scale Berkshire w/whistle & bell $749.95
K3630-4198TC ATSF Scale Berkshire w/RailSounds & TMCC $899.95
K4630-20004 Santa Fe 16" Business Car $119.95
K4630-30053 SF "Mountainair" 18" Business Car $129.95
K4630-40009 Santa Fe "Santa Fe" 21" Business Car $139.95
K511-006 ATSF S Gauge Boxcar $22.95
K511-032 ATSF S Gauge Tank Car $22.95
K516-002 Santa Fe S Gauge Plymouth $109.95
K612-1052 Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K612-1053 Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose $64.95
K613-1051 Santa Fe Classic Extended Vision Caboose #999700 $64.95
K616-1051 ATSF Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K617-1051 Santa Fe OC Cupola Caboose $59.95
K617-1053 Santa Fe OC Cupola Caboose $64.95
K617-1054 Santa Fe Scale Smoking Caboose $40.00
K617-1055 SF Black Bonnet Caboose $64.95
K619-1051 ATSF Caboose $19.95
K623-1052A Santa Fe Scale 5-PAC $199.95
K623-1053 Santa Fe Die Cast 4-Bay Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K6242-1051 SF 2-Bay Modern Hopper (4 Roadnumbers) $47.95
K6243-1051 Santa Fe 3-Bay Modern Hopper $54.95
K6244-1051A Santa Fe 4-Bay Modern Hopper 3-PAC $164.95
K6244-1051B Santa Fe 4-Bay Modern Hopper 2-PAC $109.95
K6251-1051 SF Die Cast 2-Bay Hopper (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K6255-1051 ATSF 2-Bay Outside Braced Hopper $49.95
K6332-1051A Santa Fe Black Warbonnet Tank Car 4-PAC $219.95
K6341-1051A Santa Fe Tank Car 4-PAC $199.95
K6341-1055A Santa Fe Tank Car 4-PAC $199.95
K640-1060 Santa Fe Boxcar $19.95
K645-1051A Santa Fe Classic Map Reefer 4-PAC $99.95
K645-1055A SF Map Reefer 4-PAC #2 $99.95
K646-1051 ATSF Boxcar $19.95
K653-1051 ATSF Gondola with Coal $19.95
K661-1051 Santa Fe Flat Car w/’58 Buick and ‘55 Cadillac $35.95
K676-1051A Santa Fe Scale Coil Car 3-PAC $105.95
K676-1054 ATSF Coil Car $44.95
K691-1051 ATSF Scale Flat w/3 die cast 57 Corvettes $39.95
K693-1051 ATSF Scale Flat Car w/Lumber Load $69.95
K701-1051 Santa Fe Classic Operating Boxcar $32.95
K707-1051 ATSF Cop and Robber Car $44.95
K713-1051 SF Operating Log Dump Car $54.95
K722-1051 Santa Fe Operating Double Searchlight $44.95
K723-1051 ATSF Operating Log Dump Car w/Vehicle & Bin $32.95
K742-1051 Santa Fe Peaches Wood-Sided Reefer, 4 diff #'s $64.95
K751-1051 ATSF Scale Die Cast Boxcar $44.95
K751-1052 SF Die Cast Boxcar $49.95
K752-1051 ATSF Die Cast Wood-Sided Reefer $49.95
K761-1051 Santa Fe Scale Boxcar $44.95
K761-1051A Santa Fe Scale Boxcar 4-PAC $179.95
K762-1051 SF Dynamite Wood-Sided Reefer $44.95
K763-1051 Santa Fe Scale Stock Car $39.95
K766-1051A Santa Fe Map Reefer 4-PAC $149.95
K766-1055A SF Map Reefer 4-PAC #2 $149.95
K766-1059 Santa Fe Express Service Reefer $44.95
K767-1051 ATSF Bunk Car w/ smoke $49.95
K767-1052 ATSF Bunk Car w/ smoke $49.95
K770-1051 Santa Fe Intermodal Spine Car 5-PAC w/containers $150.00
K771-1051 SF Front Runner w/SF Trailer (4 Road Numbers) $49.95
K774-1051 Santa Fe Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/3 RailMate Bogies $64.95
K7740-110 Santa Fe Scale Trailer 2-PAC w/Railmate $62.95
K872-104 ATSF Panel Truck $14.95
KCC-2005SCC 2005 Santa Fe SD75M Membership (Command & Speed Control) $275.00
KCC-2005SCV 2005 Santa Fe SD75M Membership (Conventional) $125.00
KCC-2005SHS 2005 Santa Fe SD75M Membership (Conv w/Full Sound, Speed Control & Smoke) $175.00
KS3630-4198 ATSF 2-Rail Berkshire & Tender $899.95
KS6244-1051A ATSF 2- Rail Scale 4-Bay Hopper 3-PAC $174.95
KS6244-1051B ATSF 2-Rail Scale 4-Bay Hopper 2-PAC $114.95
KS742-1051 Santa Fe Peaches 2-Rail Scale Wood-Sided Reefer, 4 diff #'s $67.95