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K-5004 Timken Fully Sprung Freight Truck $6.45
K-7810034 Timken ISO Tank $15.95
K2292-0207IC Timken MP-15 Diesel Engine w/horn $69.00
K2630-25 Timken Plymouth Switcher $99.95
K511-002 Timken S Gauge Boxcar $22.95
K517-002 Timken S Gauge Porter $109.95
K613-8011 Timken Scale Caboose $45.00
K614-8014A Timken 4-PAC $69.95
K621-8011A Timken Hopper 2-PAC $59.95
K623-8014A Timken Scale Hopper 2-PAC $80.00
K632-8014A Timken Tank Car 2-PAC $69.95
K641-8011 Timken Classic Boxcar $25.95
K652-8013 Timken Die Cast Gondola w/crane & crates $59.95
K691-8011 Timken Flat Car w/Timken Trucks $30.00
K691-8012 Timken Scale Flat Car w/Timken Trucks $39.95
K691-8025 Timken Flat Car w/2 crates $44.95