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K-1411CC Virginian Command Allegheny Set including 6 Hoppers $624.95
K2499-0052CV Virginian Trainmaster, conventional $100.00
K2499-0052HS Virginian Trainmaster, conventional w/Horn & Smoke $125.00
K2499-0053CC Virginian Trainmaster w/LRS, TMCC, EC $225.00
K3399-0001W Virginian Pacific Steam, conventional $249.00
K3399-0002S Virginian Pacific Steam w/LRS, TMCC, EC $299.00
K3799-0900CR Virginian Allegheny (Command w/Cruise) $629.95
K3799-0900S Virginian Allegheny & Tender w/TMCC $524.95
K3799-0903W Virginian Allegheny & Tender w/Whistle $399.95
K612-4461 Virginian Bay Window Caboose $40.00
K616-4461 Virginian Wood-Sided Caboose $64.95
K621-4462A Virginian Hopper 6-PAC $75.00
K621-4463A Virginian Hopper 6-PAC $75.00
K622-4461A Virginian Ribbed Hopper 6-PAC $99.95
K623-4461 Virginian Die Cast Hopper $49.95
K623-4462A Virginian Scale Die Cast 4-Bay Hopper 3-PAC $100.00