K631-1373   Milwaukee Road Tank Car Milwaukee Road
    $34.95 ea.    

Fans of the Milwaukee Road can now make their own work train with these limited edition, exclusive items. From beginning to end, engine to caboose, these O gauge cars are loaded with details and ride on die cast trucks. Each is priced individually, so you can order the pieces you want. But any true fan will want them all.

Release Date: In Stock
Product Availability: To order, contact Joe Kramer
Phone: 414-427-1626
Fax: 414-425-4511
Email: joeghia@yahoo.com

Tank Car Features
  •   Platform
  •   Metal Hand Rails
  •   Opening Dome
  •   Brake Detail
  •   Warning Diamonds
  •   Die Cast Trucks & Wheels
  •   Operating Die Cast Couplers
  •   Needle-Point Axles
  •   Prototypical Decorating Schemes
  •   Separate Brake Wheel

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