K3670-1407TC   Boston & Albany Scale Berkshire w/RailSounds & TMCC  
MSRP:  $899.95  ea. KCC Member Price: $809.96

In 1924 the Lima Locomotive Works presented a new steam engine with a wheel arrangement of 2-8-4. This new engine ran on 63' drivers and the firebox rode on an articulated 4-wheel truck. This provided greater space for air circulation, thereby creating more power. It could cruise at 55 miles per hour and greatly reduced the need for helper engines. The new loco became so identified with two New England competitors, Boston & Maine and Boston & Albany, that it was named for the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts.

The K-LINE Scale Model of the Berkshire is available in two versions, each based on those original New England purchasers of the engines. The Boston & Maine loco, and later owners of the former B&M engines Santa Fe and Southern Pacific, featured a coffin feedwater heater, that covered the front of the engine like a sun shade. The other version, owned by Boston & Albany, later part of New York Central, had the more common Elesco feedwater heater. These are two of the prototypical details accurately reproduced that distinguish this engine from others. The superior operation of these steamers is something to behold. Equipped with the industry standard TrainMaster Command Control remote operation system and RailSounds digital sound system, this engine is ready to be put through its paces.

Before you spend a lot more money on any other Berkshire, come to K-LINE for another in the line of top-notch, Scale Steamers.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition
Release Date: Fall 05

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On April 03, 2011 07:24 PM, Anonymus thinks that something is not accurate:

Instead of TC as in train master control

The end of the box has K3670-1407CC

Or Command Control

On April 29, 2020 02:13 PM, Anonymus wrote:

I believe the TC is indeed TMCC, and the CC is TMCC + Cruise.