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K702-5101 COKE Unloading Boxcar $74.95
K702-5201 Heinz Unloading Car $74.95
K702-6501 Treaures Unloading Car $74.95
K702-7401 K-LINEVILLE Oil Corporation Operating Boxcar $69.95
K702-7402 K-LINE Tool & Die Company Operating Boxcar $69.95
K703-1751 NYC Operating Milk Car $119.95
K703-7901 Carvel Operating Milk Car $124.95
K703-8011 Dairymen's League Operating Milk Car $119.95
K7041-1891 PRR Operating Voltmeter Car $59.95
K7041-2111 Union Pacific Operating Voltmeter Car $59.95
K7041-6301 Acme/Looney Tunes Operating Voltmeter Car with light $64.95
K7041-8011 K-LINE Power & Light Oper Voltmeter Car $59.95
K705-2111 UP RR Police Camera Car $249.95
K705-7401 WMDK TV Camera Car $249.95
K705-7402 KLNE TV Camera Car $249.95
K706-2004 Qunit's Aquarium Car $59.95
K706-8011 "Fresh, Never Frozen" Fish Transport $59.95
K707-1051 ATSF Cop and Robber Car $44.95
K707-1891 PRR Cop and Robber Car $44.95
K707-5101 COKE Operating Chase Car: COCA-COLA Polar Bears $69.95
K707-6201 NYPD Operating Cop and Robber Car $49.95
K707-6301 Road Runner and Wile E Coyote Chase Car $69.95
K707-8011 Operation Red Dawn "Got Saddam" Operating Car $59.95
K707-8012 Operation Enduring Freedom "Get Osama" Operating Car $59.95
K708-5101 COKE Operating Polar Bear Car "Fast Ball Fun" $74.95
K708-6301 Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck Operating Boxcar $74.95
K712-1031 Amtrak Operating Coal Dump Car $54.95
K712-1231 CNJ Operating Ballast Dump Car $54.95
K712-1251 C&O Operating Coal Dump Car $54.95
K712-1791 New Haven Operating Coal Dump Car $54.95
K712-1891 PRR Operating Coal Dump Car $54.95
K712-2111 UP Operating Coal Dump Car $54.95
K713-1051 SF Operating Log Dump Car $54.95
K713-1371 Milwaukee Road Operating Log Dump Car $54.95
K713-1891 PRR Operating Log Dump Car $54.95
K713-2011 Southern Log Dump Car $54.95
K713-7401 Kandy Kane Operating Dump Car $54.95
K722-1051 Santa Fe Operating Double Searchlight $44.95
K722-1371 Milw Rd Operating Double Searchlight $39.95
K722-1751 NYC Operating Double Searchlight $39.95
K722-1891 Pennsylvania Operating Double Searchlight $44.95
K722-2111 UP Operating Double Searchlight $39.95
K722-6001 Ford Operating Double Searchlight $39.95
K722-6101 FDNY Special Ops Command Flat Car $44.95
K722-6301 Martian Rotating Radar Communications Base Car $49.95