K-1001   K-LINE® Gold Rush Set  
    $129.95 ea.    
K-1001 K-1001

There must be gold in them there hills, because these guys are hauling a trainload of it. Relive the Gold Rush with this whimsical set featuring two miners pumping a hand car as they return from a hard day's work. This set includes the operating hand car, two trailers with tools, three mining cars filled with gold, a circle of SuperSnap™ track and a power pack.

Lettered for the Central Pacific Railroad, the mining consist packs all the fun of panning for gold into one loop of track.

Catalog: 2000 1st Edition
Release Date: SOLD OUT

Train Set Features
  •   Central Pacific Railroad Powered Handcar
  •   Two Trailers with Detailed Loads
  •   Three Hauling Cars with Loads
  •   Power Pack with Lock-on and Wires
  •   Circle of 31” SuperSnap™ Track (8 curved pieces)

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